Asian Hack 2018

What is hackathon?

Hackathons, hack days, hack fests or codefests, are special events where developers and other technical people get together to collaborate on projects in a social environment. Hackathons are about “hacking” in the positive sense: creative problem-solving and innovation on top of existing technology.


History on Hackathon

The first event to be labelled a “hackathon” was held in June 1999 in Calgary, Canada.

Since then, hackathons have become regular fixtures worldwide, sponsored or held by a variety of technology companies, open-source communities, government organizations and academic institutions.


Why Hackathon?

  1. For Community
  2. To learn & teach
  3. To solve Problem
  4. To meet like-minded peoples
  5. To build something innovative


How Hackathons are structured?

Hackathons are usually focused on a certain language, framework, operating system or API, with the end-goal of a product or feature that addresses a specific requirement in the community. Some hackathons also include a competitive element, with judges awarding prizes for the best-performing and most innovative ideas, best presentations.

Which encourages developers to experiment, take risks and come up with creative solutions that might never see the light of day in a normal office setting.


Why from us?

Because we believe on team, and we are tech enthusiastic and we ourselves work on different projects which simplifies the community based problems through different projects.

(A) Bipin Bista 

.NET Developer @ThirdEye Technology

(B) Bishal Bhandari

  Python Developer @ ICARE Technology

(C) Bishwojeet Bhattarai

IT Technician @ Claranet– Porto, Portugal

(D) Pralhad Rijal

     .NET Developer @ICARE Technology

(E) Pralhad Khanal

Web Developer

(F) Ranjan Raj Regmi

    Network Administrator

@Cloud Himalaya-Data Center

(G) Rohan Jung Shah

JS Developer

(H) Sunil Chettri

.Net Developer @Nepal Tech

Program Details:

Date: Oct 5-6, 2018

Venue: Asian School Of Management and Technology, Gongabu, Ring Road Kathmandu.


Themes for Hackathon:

  • Internet of Things(IOT)
  • AI for better life
  • Agriculture with IT
  • Cyber Security
  • Commercial Projects


Awards Detail on Hackathon:

1st : 30,000/-

1st runner up : 20,000/-

2nd runner up: 10,000/-

Best Presentation: 5,000/-

Best Idea: 5,000/-

Current Situation Applicable: 5,000/-