Bachelor of Information Management

BIM is a four year course composed of eight semesters. With the completion of the BIM program, the students will be exposed to a wide variety and choices of employment opportunities and further degrees. BIM program provides the students with manifold future prospects for advanced studies and rewarding employment. A BIM graduate commands a vital role in the information management of any organization they are enrolled into. Being a Software Engineer with managerial insights, s/he is expected to provide crucial support to all functional areas as well as for strategic management. S/he, in particular, is expected to play a key role in the MIS function of the organization which of course a BIM student is more than qualified for.

In addition, BIM graduates can find jobs in almost every work area. The diversity of opportunities that exists for them include Software Engineers, Programmers/Analysts, System designers, Network managers, Database Managers and Trainers/Instructors among others. On the other hand, the graduates aspiring for advanced education have significant advantages. Four years of study of the comprehensive syllabus helps them to get straight entry into the Master Degree Program in any of the recognized universities worldwide. S/he can opt for an MBA program in MIS or other areas in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems.

Academic Program

Demand for IT professionals is extensively growing globally and Nepal is no exception. Hence, the Faculty of Management (FOM), Tribhuvan University has developed the BIM program to cater to the need of this trend.

The mission of Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) program is to develop socially responsible and result oriented IT professionals. The BIM program is designed to equip graduates with the skills and attributes required to become an efficient and effective IT professionals to match up with the fast paced world of today.

Curricular Structure

The BIM program comprises of the following five separate course components:

  • Foundation Courses
    24 credit hours
  • Business Courses
    30 credit hours
  • Information Technology & Computer Courses
    60 credit hours
  • Elective Courses
    6 credit hours
  • Internship and Summer Project
    6 credit hours
  • Total
    126 credit hours

Objectives of the program are :

  • To prepare IT professionals proficient in the used of computers and computing techniques in other to develop effective information systems to solve real life problems in an organizational environment.
  • To develop students skills, and understand trends of software development and database management, so that they can analyze information systems and hence manage the information of the organization.
  • To provide professional education to students with the blend of information technology and managerial skills.
  • To prepare students to proceed onto the post graduate level study in Information Management in and outside the country.